How did Adelina Sotnikova win?

How did Adelina Sotnikova win?

The simple answer to why Sotnikova beat Kim was that she skated the more difficult program, and she skated it more precisely – and by some margin.

Why did Adelina Sotnikova retire?

Russian Olympic figure skating champion Adelina Sotnikova has announced her retirement over health concerns, the state-run TASS news agency reported Monday. Sotnikova clinched Russia’s first-ever ladies singles gold at the Sochi Games at the age of 17 in 2014.

Is Adelina Sotnikova a good skater?

The highest-scoring free skate in the eight years since the judging system changed to this GOE system has been Kim Yu-na’s gold medal-winning long program at the Vancouver Olympics. There, Kim scored a 150.06 in a flawless routine: Sotnikova scored as close as anyone’s come to that free skate with 149.95 on Thursday.

Is Adelina Russian?

At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, few thought Russian figure skater Adelina Sotnikova would win gold. The reigning champion, Yuna Kim of South Korea, was the runaway favorite to repeat her triumph of four years earlier, and was leading after the short program.

Who beat Yuna Kim in 2014?

Adelina Sotnikova
Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova beat out South Korea’s Yuna Kim for gold on Thursday. At issue is the scoring in the free skate where Sotnikova received an extremely high mark – 149.95 – more than enough to beat Kim’s 144.19.

What happened to Adelina Sotnikova after Sochi?

In 2018, countrywoman Alina Zagitova matched the feat. After Sochi, Sotnikova skated just once on the international Grand Prix circuit. Her last competitive skate was a sixth-place finish at the December 2015 Russian Championships.

What does Adelina name mean?

Adelina is the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Albanian and Slavic variant of Adeline, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’. Its other variants are Adtelina , Adela, Adelia, Della, Adalyn, Adalynn, Adelyn, Alene, Aline, Delia, Aada and Ada.

Is Adelina Sotnikova retired from figure skating?

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What happened to Sotnikova at the 2014 Russian Championships?

At the 2014 Russian Championships, Sotnikova placed first in the short, second in the free, and won her fourth national title, edging out Yulia Lipnitskaya for the gold.

What is Adelina Sotnikova’s quote?

Фигуристка Аделина Сотникова: я сильная и еще покажу, на что способна [Figure skater Adelina Sotnikova: “I’m strong and I’ll show what I’m capable of”]. (in Russian). Retrieved 13 March 2012. ^ a b c Flade, Tatjana (17 October 2012). “Russia’s ‘grown up’ Sotnikova is hungry for new success”. Golden Skate.

Did Adelina Sotnikova use anger to win gold?

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