How big is a VE Commodore fuel tank?

How big is a VE Commodore fuel tank?

Although LPG prices are lower, the engine uses a large 100 kg (220 lb) cylindrical gas tank which causes decreased boot space and slightly increased fuel consumption.

How big is a VF Commodore fuel tank?

Fuel tank capacity (L) 71 (Petrol), 84.4 (LPG) Brakes 4-wheel disc. Ventilated discs – front and rear.

How many Litres is a VT Commodore fuel tank?

The fuel tank of 75 litres (up 12 litres for the sedan and 7 for the wagon, compared to the VS series, but down 5 litres relative to that of the previous V8 range) was mounted ahead of the spare wheel floor cavity at the rear.

How many Litres is a VX Commodore fuel tank?

The Senator weighs 1,710 kg (3,770 lb) and uses 18.1/100 km of fuel through the city, the fuel tank capacity is 75 litres.

How big is a VY Commodore fuel tank?

Fuel Tank: Petrol Tank Capacity: 75L. LPG Tank Capacity (Sedan): 75L. LPG Tank Capacity (Wagon): 60L.

What engine is in a VF Commodore?

Holden Commodore (VF)
Engine 3.0 L LF1 V6 3.6 L LFX V6 6.0 L L77 V8 6.2 L LS3 V8 6.2 L LSA V8 (HSV only) 6.2 L LS9 V8 (HSV only)
Transmission 6-speed GM 6L45-E automatic 6-speed GM 6L80-E automatic 6-speed GM 6L90-E automatic (LSA only) 6-speed Aisin AY6 manual 6-speed Tremec TR-6060 manual

How big is a VT fuel tank?

Brand Holden
Fuel tank volume 75 Liters
Year of putting into production 2000 year
Year of stopping production
Coupe type Sedan

How much horsepower does a VY Commodore have?

315 hp
5.7 L 235 kW (315 hp) V8 (245 kW (329 hp) High Output V8 in Series II) 6-speed manual transmission (option of 4-speed automatic transmission) Air conditioning.

What year model is VF Commodore?

The Holden Commodore (VF) is an executive car that was produced by Holden between June 2013 and October 2017. It was the second and last significantly restyled iteration of the fourth (and final) generation of the Holden Commodore to be manufactured in Australia.