Does the rig 500 Pro work on switch?

Does the rig 500 Pro work on switch?

A: Hello, the RIG 500 PRO Esports Edition is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch, in this case the sound will be stereo. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Plantronics Customer Care at 855-765-7878.

Is the rig 500 worth it?

Good Comfort, Unimpressive Audio If you’re looking for a wired gaming headset for well under $100, the RIG 500 Pro HX is a decent choice, but there are appealing alternatives. The $59.99 Astro Gaming A10 is a long-standing favorite for its excellent sound quality, though it’s less comfortable.

Is the rig 500 Pro Bluetooth?

Beware this is a wired headset (doesn’t work via Bluetooth). At the end of the audio cable is a volume dial that you turn left and right to adjust the volume. Just like any cabled headphone jack you can use it with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Smartphones etc.

Does rig 500 Pro HS work with PC?

So yeah it is surround sound when atmos is enabled. Sounds better than 5.1 or 7.1 by far. A: Hi! Yes, the RIG 500 PRO is compatible with Laptop, PC and Consoles such as PS4 and XBox One.

Is the Plantronics rig 500 headset comfortable?

The Plantronics RIG 500 Headset is a very comfortable headset, I have been using it for over the last week during all of my gaming sessions.

What makes the rig 500 series so special?

From the tournament headset leader and makers of the stadium-class GameCom Commander, the RIG 500 Series is designed from the ground up for competitive players, with audio performance and features guaranteed to improve your game. An ultra-light headset frame matched with swappable components let you configure the RIG 500E for your game.

Is the rig 500 pro worth $79?

The price point of $79 is a good price point considering the value that they seemed to provide and the fact that I don’t often use a headset while gaming except on the occasional chance when I play a team game with some friends. The Rig 500 Pro’s showed up at my doorstop and I immediately tore open the package and began setting them up.

Why choose Plantronics headphones?

PREMIUM TECHNOLOGY: Vented ear cups deliver maximum breathability, reducing fatigue over long sessions. PROFESSIONAL GAMING APPROVED: ESL, the world’s largest e-sports company, relies on Plantronics for the highest quality and best performing gaming headset.