Does the Happier Camper have a shower?

Does the Happier Camper have a shower?

The Traveler comes equipped with 17-gallon freshwater and gray-water tanks. These tanks help manage the water supply for the kitchenette, shower, and sinks. The dry flush toilet helps keep you off the grid for longer.

Who makes the Happier Camper?

Happier Camper founder and president Derek Michael has figured out how to tap into this recent and rapidly growing trend, turning his passion for mobile living into a company. Michael has created a line of retro-design, compact, ultra-light, solar-ready travel trailers.

Can you stand in a Happier Camper?

Because of its flexible configuration, you can easily create the layout you want in just a few minutes. There are about 42 square feet of walkable space inside the 13-ft Happier Camper. You can even stand up in it!

Does Happier Camper have heat?

All of our trailers have high powered celling or window fans, sometimes its best to reverse the fan to suck out the hot air. The trailers also stay warm pretty easily. For heating we will provide you with a AC Heater.

How much is an HC1 Camper?

Happier Camper named its flagship trailer, the HC1, which begins at $29,950. The HC1 is designed to provide utility in a small footprint. Its dry weight is 1100 pounds, so it’s ideal for drivers with smaller vehicles. The HC1 is 13′ long, and its inside height is 6’1″.

How many people does the Happier Camper Traveler sleep?

The retro-inspired Happier Camper uses a modular design to sleep five, some teardrops sleep a family of four with bunkbeds, and this custom Sprinter van can sleep six in the summer.

How heavy is a Happier Camper?

HOW MUCH DOES THE HC1 WEIGH? The HC1 has a dry weight of 1,100 lbs. If it’s fully loaded, you can be closer to 1,500+ lbs. We recommend your vehicle has a towing capacity of at least 2,000 lbs, which is the standard for most cars.

How heavy is the Happier Camper?

How heavy is the happier camper?

What kind of trailer is in the Safelite commercial?

Happier Camper
Happier Camper • Safelite uses a HC1 in a new commercial.

What is the traveler by happier camper Hc1?

Hit the road in style and comfort in the all-new Traveler by Happier Camper. A fully-equipped trailer designed for travel anywhere the adventure takes you. Flexible, fun, and built to last generations. “The HC1 is fabulous!

What can I do with happier camper?

When paired with our ultralight travel-trailers or your camper van, the configurations are near limitless. From camping to hauling, tailgating to tiny home living— explore your options with Happier Camper.

What are the different styles of Camper showers?

Our styles come in anywhere from a full Camper shower, to a corner shower. Our Camper showers also come in many various sizes so be sure to get the exact size you need to keep you and your family spiffy clean. Check out our new line of Camper showers and surrounds.

Can you fit a shower in a camper?

We carry many sizes and offer several designs that fit most Camper bathrooms. We make installing your Camper shower and surrounds easy by offering all the Camper plumbing and fittings you will need. It’s super important to have a shower that fits your Camper and your style.