Does TAG Heuer still make glasses?

Does TAG Heuer still make glasses?

If you’re a fan of TAG Heuer eyeglasses, we have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: TAG Heuer will no longer be manufacturing eyewear. There is some good news, though! Here at Eye Elegance, our entire stock of TAG Heuer eyewear is 50 percent off—until it’s gone!

Why did TAG Heuer stop making glasses?

The production of our licensed Eyewear has stopped due to the liquidation of our licensee. Please contact the store where you purchased them. We appreciate your interest in our products and will certainly keep you informed of future updates.

Who makes TAG Heuer Eyewear?

Morez, France-based Groupe Logo manufactures TAG Heuer-branded eyewear under a licence acquired in 2002. Paris, France-based ModeLabs Group manufactures TAG Heuer-branded mobile phone under licence. ModeLabs acquired the license in late-2007 and marketed the first TAG Heuer branded mobile phone in late 2008.

What eyeglasses are in fashion right now?

Eyewear trends: 2021 and 2022

  • Square retro glasses.
  • Metallic modern glasses.
  • Eco-friendly glasses.
  • Minimalistic metal glasses.
  • Statement-making frame glasses.
  • Trending colored glasses.

Is TAG Heuer worth the money?

Whether if Tag Heuer watches are worth it is still rather subjective because some may think that Tag Heuer is after all just a fashion brand that marks up the prices of its timepieces to support its marketing strategies. Worth it? In our honest opinion, Tag Heuer is not worth it because it uses movements that can be found in common watches.

Is TAG Heuer a good watch brand?

Tudor and Tag Heuer are both well-known Swiss watch brands and are considered among the cream of the crop. The chances are that you are more acquainted with Tag Heuer than Tudor, which is expected as Tag Heuer can be seen in almost all facets of the sports industry. Tudor, on the other hand, is a more sublime brand that leans towards the fashion market.

Is TAG Heuer a reliable brand name?

The watch is prove to be reliable time keeping. Another extra is Tag Heuer is a cool brands, so nothing can go wrong when you go to parties, Tag Heuer is considered as entry luxury watch here in Indonesia, it considered more expensive brands than tissot and it actually true.

Where to buy a TAG Heuer?

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