Does Frankfurt Airport have a pet area?

Does Frankfurt Airport have a pet area?

Frankfurt Airport’s Animal Lounge was opened in April 2008. Covering an area of 3,750 square metres, this is the largest and most modern animal station in the world, with facilities providing 42 large animal shelters, 12 enclosures with individually adjustable climate control, and 39 small boxes.

Is Lufthansa safe for pets?

Pets always fly quickly and safely with Lufthansa Cargo. On flights with a stopover in Frankfurt, you can also book our exclusive service for dogs and cats: Pet Premium. You can rely on our trained team: Processing, care and transport processes are based on species-specific and individual needs.

Which airport has a zoo?

A Modern-Day Noah’s Ark The Animal Lounge at Frankfurt International Airport is the largest animal airport facility in the world, handling everything from tropical fish to elephants. There are snakes on planes, sure, plus pigs, cheetahs, lions and birds.

Does Lufthansa allow dogs in the cabin?

If you plan to travel with your pets, Lufthansa Airlines allows pets either in the cabin or in the cargo hold of its passenger aircrafts, depending on the pet’s weight and size. Your pet can also travel unaccompanied via Lufthansa Cargo. Here’s how to book a pet flight on Lufthansa.

Can I see my pet during a layover?

You will have a fresh one right below it. During layovers, ask for a closed space so you can remove your pet from the carrier and provide it with a pad. Also, ask about a pet relief area. Many airports are installing these for the convenience of in-cabin, service and ESAs.

What happens to pets during layover?

In most cases, if the layover is under 3 hours and if your pet is traveling in the cargo hold as checked baggage or air cargo, it will be transferred from one airplane to the next as long as you are staying on the same airline. In this case, your pet is just transiting the country.

Where do I pick up my dog at Frankfurt airport?

Upon arrival in Frankfurt, these animals can be picked up in the same arrival terminal as you pick up your bags. The delivery point for animals in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is the bulky baggage counter. The Customs officials will check the documents and the microchip of your animals at the customs exit.

Does CDG have a pet relief area?

Sorry, but there’s no pet relief areas at CDG.

How do I book a flight with Lufthansa for my dog?

When you call to book your flight, you will need to notify the person making the reservation that you will be traveling with a pet in cabin. While you can book your flight up until the last minute, Lufthansa requires 24 hours advance notice of pets traveling in cabin.

How do I fly my dog on Lufthansa?

Animals can be transported either in the cabin and/or in the cargo hold: No more than two animals (dog or cat) in the cabin (in an approved transport container) or no more than two animals in the cargo hold (in one or two approved transport containers)

How do I book a pet on Lufthansa?

What is the Frankfurt animal lounge?

With a surface area of around 4,000 m², the Frankfurt Animal Lounge combines all services – handling, animal coordination and veterinarians – under one roof. Fifty employees and trained animal keepers ensure around-the-clock care.

Is this the world’s most modern airport animal lounge?

The Frankfurt Animal Lounge, planned by Frankfurt International Airport operator Fraport AG, is widely regarded as the world’s most modern airport animal station. And – Lufthansa Cargo AG spokesman Michael Gontgens suggests – its name couldn’t be more apt.

What happens to my Pet during transit times at Frankfurt Airport?

During transit times of more than 3 hours, our Ground Handling staff will bring your pet to the Animal Lounge – and back to your connecting flight. During transit times under 3 hours your pet will be kept in a safe and quiet facility under supervision. More information about our dog hotel directly at Frankfurt Airport will be available soon.

What is the animal lounge at Lufthansa Cargo?

Lufthansa Cargo has been providing animal transport solutions for more than 30 years. The Animal Lounge is on their cargo base, which is to the north of the airport. It combines handling, animal coordination and veterinary services in a single 3,750m² facility, which is about the size of a professional football pitch.