Does Dr Jen Arnold have cancer again?

Does Dr Jen Arnold have cancer again?

The road to recovery was a long, intensive journey and after she went into remission in 2014, she remained closely monitored by her doctor, as 85 percent of recurrences happen in the first 18 months after chemo. Seven years on, Jen remains healthy and cancer-free.

Where is Jennifer Arnold now?

Jennifer Arnold, her husband, Bill Klein, and their two kids, William and Zoey, have since relocated to Boston.

How is Jen from Little Couple doing?

After tying the knot on April 12, 2008, the reality TV couple are thriving amid their move to Boston, Massachusetts, from St. Petersburg, Florida, after Jen accepted a position on Harvard’s staff, as well as becoming the program director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Simulator Program.

How old is Jen Arnold?

48 years (March 10, 1974)Jennifer Arnold / Age

What religion is The Little Couple?

2. And because they usually don’t talk about religion on The Little Couple, you might not know that the Klein-Arnold family is Catholic. Jen was raised Catholic, and even referred to herself in one episode as “a good Catholic girl.”

Does Jen Arnold from the little couple still have cancer?

Does Jen Arnold from The Little Couple still have cancer? DOCTOR JENNIFER Arnold from the hit TLC series The Little Couple overcame a rare form of cancer years ago that hasn’t returned since her remission. The neonatologist went into remission back in 2014 after battling the disease for a year.

How did Bill and Jen from the Little People get married?

Jen and Bill met in 2006 after meeting online, and they dated for two years before Bill dropped down to one knee and proposed. They married in 2008 in a fairytale wedding ceremony, and a year later, they began filming for their TLC docu-series The Little People.

What did Jen Arnold say about World Cancer Day on Instagram?

Little Couple star Jen Arnold tells Instagram she’s feeling “so fortunate to be a survivor” as she celebrates World Cancer Day. The TLC alum proceeds to tell her followers that her thoughts go out to all of those who are just as fortunate as she was as well as those who are still fighting and especially to those who lost their fight.

What happened to Bill and Jen’s children will and will?

In 2013, however, Jen and Bill were hit with the best and worst news possible as they were approved to adopt two children but Jen was diagnosed with stage three choriocarcinoma, a rare form of cancer that occurred after she had a miscarriage. The pair adopted son Will – now 10 – in 2013 from China, after they met him at an orphanage.