Do they curse in 6teen?

Do they curse in 6teen?

2: These are not what sixteen year-old teens act like (in reality, a 6teen year old is serious and curses a lot, but there is no sign of profanity in this show).

What race is Wyatt from 6teen?

Jonesy’s last name is Garcia, but his ethnicity isn’t as visible as Wyatt’s or Nikki’s. Wyatt Williams is clearly black. Nikki Wong is clearly Asian (though with her purple hair…).

How old should you be to watch 6Teen?

6Teen Review I would only let kids over 12 watch this. I wouldn’t say they use strong language, but the show can be suggestive. Jonsey is an entertaining character, but he is obsessed with scamming people and girls.

What episode does Serena break up with Wyatt?

In “Bring It On,” Serena revealed that she used to date Chad, shocking Wyatt and making him jealous. Despite this, he got over his worries about her by the end of the episode, and Serena didn’t appear again until “The One with the Text Message.” There, she broke up with Wyatt through text message in favor of Chad.

Is Jonesy white?

Jonesy is half-Hispanic (from his dad’s side) and half-Filipino (from his mom’s side).

What is Jonesy 6teen?

Jonesy Garcia is the main protagonist of 6teen. He is not too bright because he gets fired from all the jobs. He is Jen’s stepbrother after his dad and her mom remarried.

How many seasons of 6teen are there?

6teen is a Canadian animated sitcom about six teenage friends who all have part-time jobs at the Galleria Shopping Mall, as they struggle to balance work with the daily problems of being a teenager. The series lasted from November, 2004 to February, 2010, with four seasons and a total of 93 episodes.

What is the meaning of 6teen?

You gotta make the good times last! 6teen is a Canadian animated sitcom aimed at preteens and younger teenagers. The series follows a sextet of 16-year-old teenagers named Jude, Jen, Jonesy, Nikki, Wyatt, and Caitlin — the first five having known each other since kindergarten and the last being a new addition to their circle.

Is volunteering good for teens with anxiety?

For teens who are struggling with their confidence, volunteering could be a great way to get involved and put yourself out there. For teens who have social anxiety, volunteering can give them something that they’re good at and that allows them to help other people.

Who makes 6teen and Total Drama?

Both 6teen and Total Drama are made by Teletoon. Crappy Homemade Gift: Jonesy decides to make Nikki a clay bowl to celebrate their three-month relationship. Unfortunately, his lack of practice causes the end product to resemble a female breast, much to his girlfriend’s embarrassment.