Do Hamtaro and Bijou get together?

Do Hamtaro and Bijou get together?

Despite their close bond and all of their romantic endeavors, Hamtaro still retains a childish outlook on love. Although he cares about Bijou and considers her a very close friend, he doesn’t notice her crush on him, and his feelings for her remain purely platonic.

How many episodes is Hamtaro?

296Hamtaro / Number of episodes

Who is Hamtaro girlfriend?

Laura Haruna In the 1999 pilot OVA, Hamtaro has a romantic crush on Laura (then named “Natsumi”); this trait was not 100% established in the final series, though it is somewhat implied in certain episodes.

Is Hamtaro still popular?

Hamtaro is decently well-known in the West, but in Japan and other Eastern countries he’s a truly beloved fixture of children’s programming. Kids and adults alike will tear up the dance floor to the opening theme of his show, and he’s a frequent star in bento box art.

What is the English name for Hamtaro?

English logo. Hamtaro: Little Hamsters – Big Adventures, known as Tottoko Hamutaro in Japan (とっとこハム太郎) and commonly shortened to just Hamtaro, is an anime series and the bulk of the Hamtaro franchise.

What is Hamtaro anime about?

The Hamtaro anime series revolves around the hamster Hamtaro and his Ham-Ham friends; who take part in many playful adventures and activities, while helping others along the way. Alongside this, the series shows the daily life of Hamtaro’s pet owner, Laura Haruna .

What happened in the last episode of Hamtaro?

The remaining episodes of the Hamtaro series, up until episode 193, detail more ventures of the Ham-Ham gang. Notable events include the introduction of many side characters: such as the poetic guitarist Jingle, the wise Elder Ham, the pop star Sparkle, and the rambunctious Pepper, to name a few.

How do Hamtaro and Oxnard become friends?

While Oxnard is initially nervous and apologetic to Hamtaro, the two quickly become very good friends. Hamtaro helps Oxnard find his lost sunflower seed, to which Oxnard is filled with joy, jumping around with glee; but his excitement leads to the ground below him shattering.