Did Sasuke kiss Sakura in the manga?

Did Sasuke kiss Sakura in the manga?

And then, she press her tied lips on Sasuke’s lips,” the fan translated. The kiss left Naruto gaping in shock, but the couple used the sweet moment to bolster their next moves. The married couple managed to accomplish part of their mission after kissing one another, so fans might say it was a kiss for luck.

What episode does Sakura kiss Naruto to save him?

“On the Brink of Death” (死の際, Shi no Kiwa) is episode 414 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Did Sasuke and Sakura get married?

Even though Sasuke and Sakura do marry, they spend little time together. The longest time they are in the same place as a couple is when Sakura follows him on his atonement. During this, they supposedly fall in love, have Sarada, and get married.

Who is Sasuke’s first kiss?

Naruto takes Sasuke first kiss 🤣 – Bilibili.

Does Sakura Kiss Sasuke in Naruto?

Well, that is for the most part. Sakura did spend years infatuated with Sasuke, so fans can give her a break when she needs to steal a kiss. Now, a new spin-off novel for Naruto has broken down a rather epic scene starring the couple, and it sees Sakura lay a fat kiss on her husband.

Who are the main characters in Naruto?

In addition to the main characters including Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, the story also follows many other characters who get involved in the story of Naruto. The manga and anime depicts the growth of the Ninja characters, tight-knit relationships, treachery and other various themes. 1. One Piece

What is Haruno Sakura’s astrological sign?

Haruno Sakura has been a part of Naruto’s team since the very beginning, and her astrological sign provides all kinds of insight into who she is. Sakura was born on March 28th, meaning she was born under Aries, one of the three fire signs of astrological lore.

Did Sasuke and Sakura Smooch?

Social media is now filled with partial translations of the novel, and it turns out one on its intense scenes see Sasuke and Sakura share an epic smooch. According to fanfan on Twitter, Sasuke and Sakura are trying to gather some rare resources to cure Naruto of a rare disease.