Did Hendricks beat St-Pierre?

Did Hendricks beat St-Pierre?

Arguably, Hendricks did enough to take the UFC title away from Georges St-Pierre, but in the end, GSP retained his title by split-decision. It’s hard to pinpoint where and when Hendricks lost the fight on the judges’ scorecards as both he and GSP were nearly even across the board in terms of statistics.

Why did GSP retire after Bisping?

On December 7, 2017, St-Pierre announced that he was vacating his UFC middleweight title after 34 days of holding the belt. Suffering from ulcerative colitis, St-Pierre wanted to avoid holding up the middleweight division.

What is George St-Pierre doing these days?

He’s appeared in a few films — his most famous being Captain America: Winter Soldier. His most recent appearance is as Batroc the Leaper in the Marvel Studios series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. For now, it looks like St-Pierre has his eyes set on the big screen.

Who has better range striking Hendricks or St-Pierre?

St-Pierre clearly had the advantage in range striking, but Hendricks had success with his jab in round four. Not as much as St-Pierre though, and that’s a problem when that power left was suddenly catching air.

Can Johny Hendricks dethrone Georges St-Pierre in his prime?

Johny Hendricks was the one. If any fighter was going to dethrone Georges St-Pierre in his prime it was the two-time NCAA wrestling champion whose prodigious knockout power had made mincemeat of top contenders like Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann. Fitch went five rounds with St-Pierre; Hendricks KO’d Fitch in 12 seconds.

Who won the fight between Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hendricks?

Hendricks rifled uppercuts at St-Pierre’s dome as the champion ducked down for a single leg, and punished St-Pierre with elbows as well. He scored a takedown of his own and landed a few punches as St-Pierre recovered.

How many knockdowns did Georges St-Pierre have against John Hendricks?

No knockdowns were scored in the fight and St-Pierre had one more takedown with three to Hendricks’ two. The ground exchanges resulted in little significant action as St-Pierre was credited with one significant ground strike and Hendricks four.