Did Big Time Rush get a proper ending?

Did Big Time Rush get a proper ending?

Bittersweet alert! Last night the series finale of Big Time Rush aired, appropriately called “Big Time Dreams.” It was both a sad but proud moment for Rushers across the country—the show was supposed to have been canceled after the third season, but caught a short second wind and came back this year.

Who does Kendall end up with in BTR in big time decision?

At the end, Kendall is done reflecting and chooses Jo. This episode signals that Kendall and Jo are about to restart their relationship. Big Time Surprise and Big Time Decision can be put together as one movie just like Big Time Break-Up and Big Time Single.

How does the last episode of Big Time Rush end?

The boys persuade Austin Mahone, Katie’s celebrity crush, to let James give a purple rocket with Lucy. After a brief argument, she then reveals that she came back for James and the two finally kiss.

Why did Jo leave Big Time Rush then come back?

The reason she left in Big Time Break-Up was because her actress Katelyn Tarver was going on tour.

Does Logan end up with Camille?

Camille and Logan are now no longer a couple however they do remain good friends.

What episode does Kendall kiss Jo?

Big Time Love Song Kendall sang Any Kind Of Guy to her and she thinks that it’s sweet of him. In addition, Kendall sends her a kiss. Kendall says to the boys that he’ll be his normal self in order win Jo.

What episode does Kendall and Jo get together?

She is happy to hear this, their relationship becomes official, its nor confirmed or known but in the season 2 premiere of “Welcome back big time” Kendall sees Jo flirting with a new guy but later finds out that it is just her costar who plays her character’s love interest.

Do Logan and Camille break up?

Camille and Logan are now no longer a couple however they do remain good friends. When Logan flirts with the new girl and then sees Camille his feelings towards her become uncertain because their break up isn’t clear and he’s afraid that he might hurt Camille’s feelings.