Can you use Tesco vouchers for conkers?

Can you use Tesco vouchers for conkers?

Select the amount of Clubcard vouchers you’d like to exchange. You can top-up the price difference with another payment method at Conkers. Remember, there’s no money back for overpayment using a Reward Partner code. A second email containing your Partner code will arrive shortly after.

Does Tesco have reward scheme?

You can choose from two different Clubcard schemes if you want to earn loyalty points at Tesco. First off, there’s the standard (and free) Tesco Clubcard scheme, which lets you collect one point per £1 spent in store and online. When purchasing Tesco fuel, you’ll get one point for every £2 spent.

Can you buy Merlin passes with nectar points?

You can use Nectar points to purchase a Standard Individual Merlin Annual Pass.

What is the Tesco Clubcard scheme?

Tesco Clubcard (commonly referred to and branded as Clubcard) is the loyalty card of British supermarket chain Tesco. The Clubcard scheme operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and several other countries. As of 2017 it has over 17 million users in the United Kingdom alone.

How many Tesco points do you need for 50?

You need to collect a minimum of 150 points (per collection period) to receive Clubcard vouchers. So this will give you £1.50 in vouchers. After that, every 50 points turns into 50p worth of vouchers. Any leftover points that haven’t been turned into vouchers will be carried forward into the next collection period.

Can I use Nectar points for theme parks?

You can spend your Nectar points on family days out. Fancy a trip to a theme park, restaurant or the cinema? Your Nectar points can help you keep you and your family entertained for less.

Does Tesco Clubcard get you discount?

Get 10% off two shops of your choice in-store Power up your Clubcard and get 10% off your regular grocery shopping in-store, twice a month. Just scan one of your two discount coupons in your Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app.

Can I exchange my Tesco Clubcard points for Alton Towers Resort tickets?

You can exchange your Tesco Clubcard for 1 Day Entry Tickets into Alton Towers Resort. When redeeming your Tesco Clubcard points, you will be given two options of either receiving a Partner Voucher or the ability to redeem a small amount of points and paying the remaining balance by debit or credit card via a unique link you will receive via email.

How do I book using my Tesco Clubcard points?

1. Click on the link below 2. Find the date you wish to visit and check the price listed 3. Go back to the Tesco Clubcard site to exchange your points 4. You will then be sent a unique booking code and link to book

Is Alton Towers Resort open for Christmas 2021?

Please note that Alton Towers Resort is now closed for the 2021 season and will reopen in March 2022. Clubcard Partner codes can’t be used on special Christmas events. Please check the Alton Towers Resort website for opening times, ticket prices and live calendar availability.

Is Alton Towers Resort accessible for disabled people?

Alton Towers Resort aims to make your visit as accessible as possible. Please see here for full disability policy. The Free Carer pass is still valid in conjunction with orders redeemed through your Tesco Clubcard points, see full policy for eligibility requirements.