Can you tour the Johnson Wax building?

Can you tour the Johnson Wax building?

Tours are free and open to the public. Advanced reservations are required so we can make sure everyone can be accommodated. If your group has more than 20 people, call us at 262-260-2154 to make special arrangements. SC Johnson tours begin at The Golden Rondelle Theater, at 1525 Howe Street, Racine, Wisconsin, 53403.

Is SC Johnson open for tours?

Explore SC Johnson Tours of our global headquarters campus are free and open to the public. You can also see our unique films or attend a community program.

Can you tour wingspread?

Tours are available by reservation only. Walk-in tours cannot be accommodated. The Wingspread home is a integral part of the mission of The Johnson Foundation. As such: Tour reservations open one month prior to scheduled tour dates.

What is the Johnson Wax building known for?

The Johnson Wax Headquarters – also known as the Johnson Wax Administration Building – was completed between 1936 and 1939 in Racine, Wisconsin. It provided the main office for SC Johnson & Son, an American manufacturer of household cleaning supplies.

Is SC Johnson the same as Johnson and Johnson?

SC Johnson is a separate, privately held company and has never had any family or business connection with Johnson & Johnson. SC Johnson does not manufacture or sell pharmaceutical products. This confusion does a disservice to the goodwill earned by generations of SC Johnson people and our iconic brands.

Where is wingspread located?

Racine, Wisconsin
Wingspread is located on the western shores of Lake Michigan in Racine, Wisconsin. Just 35 minutes south of Milwaukee and 90 minutes north of Chicago, this iconic property resides on the beautiful Wind Point peninsula.

Who makes Johnson Wax?

S. C. Johnson
In 2017, S. C. Johnson employed approximately 13,000 people and had estimated sales of $10 billion. The company is owned by the Johnson family….S. C. Johnson & Son.

Current S. C. Johnson logo
Johnson Wax Headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin
Industry Consumer goods
Founded 1886 Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.
Founder Samuel Curtis Johnson Sr.

Who designed Johnson Wax building?

Frank Lloyd WrightS.C. Johnson Wax Headquarters / Architect

What happened to SC Johnson Wax?

In 1999, the commercial cleaning products and systems division separated from Johnson Wax and became a stand-alone company called Johnson Wax Professional, later known as Diversey, Inc.

Is the Johnson Wax Building worth a visit?

This is a small price to pay to see the remarkable open interior of the Johnson Wax building, one of the most admired spaces in all of American commercial architecture. It’s almost inconceivable that it was built 75 years ago, given how modern it seems.

What did we see at the SC Johnson Museum?

We saw the headquarters and the tower where they used to do research and development, both designed by Wright. We also saw Fortaleza Hall, which is a modern building with an informative Frank Lloyd Wright display that includes models of many of his buildings, as well as information about SC Johnson.

What is Johnson Wax?

Slender reinforced concrete, rather than encased in masonry veneer, the Johnson Wax columns are self-supporting. Each column is an island, not a cipher in a cage-like array. Yet the building and its furnishings encircle each worker who is placed within a continuous, geometric network.

What to do in town when visiting Johnson&Johnson?

When you’re in town, you can also visit the famed Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home Wingspread. It was commissioned by third-generation SC Johnson leader H.F. Johnson, Jr. and is just a few miles north of our headquarters campus.