Can you swim in Jackfish Lake Alberta?

Can you swim in Jackfish Lake Alberta?

Swimmers looking for one last dip this summer should avoid jumping into Jackfish Lake. Due to high levels of fecal coliforms, Alberta Health Services has issued an advisory saying no one should swim or wade into the water near the south dock campground public beach.

How many jackfish lakes are in Alberta?

Jackfish Lake is an attractive recreational lake located in the County of Parkland, approximately 60 km west of the city of Edmonton and 25 km west of the town of Stony Plain….Introduction.

Lat / Long 53.4833333, -114.2500000 53°28’N, 114°15’W
CHLORO x 10.9 µg/L
TDS x 600 mg/L

Where in Alberta is Jackfish Lake?

Parkland County
Jackfish Lake is a lake in Parkland County, Alberta. Parkland County operates the Jackfish Lake Recreation Area and Boat Launch located just off of Highway 770 at Township Road 522….Jackfish Lake (Alberta)

Jackfish Lake
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Which Provincial Park is closest to Lethbridge?

This lakeside campground is in Park Lake Provincial Park, located 17 km NW of Lethbridge.

Are dogs allowed at Long Lake Provincial Park?

As discussed in the report dated December 4, 2017, the area of Long Lake Provincial Park is a longstanding and popular area for off-leash dog walking and swimming. However, this is a prohibited activity under provincial park regulations.

What is a provincial recreation area in Alberta?

Provincial recreation areas (“PRAs”) are typically small land areas in the immediate vicinity of campgrounds or day use sites that are managed under the Provincial Parks Act and Regulations to accommodate a wide range of non-motorized and motorized recreation opportunities. 2.

Is Jackfish Lake clean?

Water quality conditions in Jackfish Lake have remained reasonable over the years. However, a blue green algal advisory was issued by Alberta Health Services during summer 2015, and a significant fish kill occurred during winter 2016. These recent events are likely a direct response to the low lake levels.

How big is Jackfish Lake Alberta?

591 acresJackfish Lake / Area

Is Jackfish Lake good fishing?

About Jack Fish Lake As the name suggests, this is a good spot for northern pike. If the big ones aren’t biting, there is always perch and burbot to go after. The walleye fishery, unfortunately, remains closed but the lake still has some larger walleye.

Is a northern pike a jackfish?

Northern pike, also called jackfish, can be found throughout mainland Northwest Territories. They like weedy areas of warm lakes and slow rivers. Northern pike are dark green and brown with lighter spots along their sides. They are known for their sharp teeth!

Can you swim at Park Lake?

The day use and campground beach is popular with families because of the easy access, playground, soft, sandy beach area, shady/treed areas and shallow, clear waters in marked swimming area.