Can you fire an alcoholic in Canada?

Can you fire an alcoholic in Canada?

Human rights laws prohibit discrimination on the grounds of disability. Addiction is considered to be a disability and, as such, an employee cannot be fired for being addicted to substances such as drugs or alcohol.

What is the app pink cloud?

Pink Cloud is your sobriety companion, connecting you to 181,000+ Alcoholics Anonymous, 46,000+ Narcotics Anonymous, 600+ Crystal Meth Anonymous, and 13,000+ Al-Anon meetings worldwide. Bookmark your favorite meetings, track your time and attendance, follow the program and keep notes in a sobriety journal.

What is the latest edition of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book?

fourth edition
The fourth edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, affectionately known as the Big Book, includes twenty-four new stories and continues to pass on AA’s message of hope and recovery to millions.

Can my employer sack me for being an alcoholic?

Employers must act in accordance with any staff policies on drug and alcohol abuse and ensure a fair performance management process is followed. To dismiss an employee for alcohol related reasons an employer could potentially rely on conduct, capability or some other substantial reason depending on the circumstances.

Is drug Addiction a disability in Canada?

Drug and alcohol addictions are disabilities under the Code.

How long does a pink cloud last?

Some people find improvement after eight sessions, and others after 6 months. Sometimes, for more severe cases, a year or two may be needed.

How long does the pink cloud last in recovery?

It can last for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. The duration of pink cloud syndrome depends entirely on the individual and their personal recovery experience. For some people, experiencing pink clouding is not always a one-time occurrence. They say it comes and goes at various times throughout their recovery.

How do I find local AA meetings?

Search — Find A.A meetings by name or location,in addition to day and time

  • Daily Reflections — a selection of reflections by and for A.A.
  • Enhanced location functionality
  • Expanded user interface,with a new menu bar and “Contact” feature.
  • How do I find a NA meeting?

    Open meetings,which allow any person with an addiction problem to attend the meeting.

  • Closed virtual meetings,which are reserved for specific people who are invited by the moderator.
  • Specific NA Online Meetings are also available,which are similar to closed meetings,but with more restrictions,often based on demographics and other factors.
  • Where can I find Narcotics Anonymous meetings?

    – NA Meeting Search – web and phone meetings – Please choose “Web” or “Phone” from Country list. List meetings for all days or just one. – Listing of local and worldwide virtual meetings (local) – (l oca l) – (local)

    Where can one find list of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?


  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida