Can you drown in a cenote?

Can you drown in a cenote?

On the same day that the body was found in Sacalaca’s Cenote Azul, a diver found another body in a Tulum cenote. These and other recent incidents such as the drowning of a young boy at Xcaret Park near Playa del Carmen have raised serious concerns regarding safety in Quintana Roo’s cenotes.

Can you dive in a cenote?

You’ll find stalactites, stalagmites and huge pillars in these ancient sinkholes. The best time for cenote diving is between May and September. These months bring the best light to the caves and result in better photographs. Note that diving in the cenotes is possible year-round.

Can there be sharks in cenotes?

Scuba Diving in Mexico Diving with whale sharks, diving with bull sharks and cenote diving in the spectacular cave systems of the Yucatan peninsula. Diving with whale sharks and bull sharks are both season bound and unfortunately we were here out of season for diving with either.

Do you need to know how do you swim for cenotes?

Re: Does one need to know swimming to visit cenotes? For safety reasons, you should take swimming lessons in your local area. This is no help.

Is the Great Blue Hole a cenote?

Great Blue Hole: the world’s eye Encircled by a giant ring of coral with a diameter of 318 metres, GBH is an underwater cenote (a term derived from the Mayan word for “sacred pit”), in other words, a sinkhole 124 metres deep, i.e. the second deepest in the world, the deepest being in the Red Sea.

Are cenotes saltwater?

Cenotes are filled with both fresh and salt water, because when the limestone collapses and sinks, it creates a massive reservoir where the newly exposed fresh groundwater meets the salt water that’s seeping in from the ocean via an underground channel.

Are cenotes dark?

Also, there are areas in cenotes where visibility can drop down to nothing at all and it can become downright dark. This is important to note due to the fact that darkness can and will alter your natural sense of orientation and make it super easy for you to get lost.

Are there snakes in cenotes?

You may also see other jungle creatures near the cenotes, including iguanas, snakes, and birds. I would look into diving there if you have your certification and aren’t afraid of dark, underground worlds.

What creatures live in cenotes?

Therefore, cenotes are inhabited by fish species such as Poeciliids, Cichlids, Caracid, Pimelodid, and the Synbranchid, which are species used to living in these types of stable environments. Cenotes are unique and beautiful environments that can be enjoyed by people and fishes alike.

What is cenote diving?

Immerse yourself in delightful, stress-free cenote diving adventures in the jungle beneath the crystal-clear waters of the The Yucatán Peninsula. Cenotes are sink holes in the jungle floor that hold fresh water at and near the surface and (usually) salt water farther down.

What to do in the cenotes?

If you are a cave diver, let’s go to explore the cenotes! We can go for regular cave dives or even with multistages (if you are stage cave diver).

What is the best cavern and cave diving in the world?

Explore cenotes in the location known as ‘the best cavern and cave diving in the world’… Immerse yourself in delightful, stress-free cenote diving adventures in the jungle beneath the crystal-clear waters of the The Yucatán Peninsula.

How to become a cave diver in Mexico Riviera Maya?

Become a Cave diver! If you are a certified diver and want to become a Cave Diver, Mexico Riviera Maya is one of the best place to learn to scuba dive in a cave environment. I can teach you cave diving from start to Full Cave, delivering TDI certifications (Technical Diving International).