Can there be 2 corporations with the same name?

Can there be 2 corporations with the same name?

Can Two Companies Have the Same Name? Yes, however, certain requirements must be met in order for it to not constitutes trademark infringement and to determine which party is the rightful owner of the name.

What to do if another company has the same name?

Generally, as long as no one else in your state is using that business name, you can call your company whatever you like. Names are doled out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can a company sue you for having the same name?

A trademark lawsuit will require you to prove three things: You have registered a trademark or service mark in the name. Someone else is using the same or similar name to sell similar goods and services to yours. The infringer’s use of the name is confusing customers or diluting the power of your trademark.

Can I use a company name that already exists?

Trademarked names are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and are protected nationally. If a business name is already trademarked, you are prohibited from using it even if the company operates in a different state to yours.

How do I know if a business name is already taken?

Trademark Search You will be redirected to the IP India Portal when you click on the CHECK TRADEMARK dialogue box. Once there, open trademark search where you can search for the existing trademark similar to your Company name by entering the Name and Class for goods and sevices.

Can I use Co in my business name?

Can I use CO in my business name? Yes, if it represents the company well. When choosing a business name it should be well thought out, easy to say, and easy to spell.

Can I add CO to my business name?

Can I use the word company in my business name? You can use the word company in your business’s legal name if it is a corporation. If your business is an LLC, you must use “limited liability company” or an abbreviation approved by your state.

Can I trademark a name if someone else is using it?

If somebody else is already using a mark that is reasonably similar to yours, it’s likely that your application for trademark registration will be denied. United States trademark law requires trademarks to be entirely unique from any other than are currently in use.

What happens if two companies have the same name?

Ford Mustang and Mustang Seeds

  • Delta Airlines,Delta Faucets,Delta Dental,etc.
  • Domino Sugar and Domino’s Pizza (similar,at least)
  • Pink for Thomas Pink and Victoria’s Secret sub-brand (surprising given they’re both fashion brands)
  • Finlandia for cheese and vodka
  • Apple for computers and a record company
  • Can two similar businesses have the same name?

    Using the same name as another business will typically not be acceptable especially when you sell different products or services but operate within the same industry, or if the name is in use by a major national brand, and if the other business registered for trademarks before you did.

    Can my company have the same name as another company?

    If you are using a business name that is the same as another company in your industry, caution is warranted. If you are instead using a name that is the same as another company’s name that offers completely different services or products, there is probably not a trademark issue. Does the accusing business operate in your geographical market?

    What are good names for a company?


  • Olympictr
  • Genersi
  • BradelBuff
  • Regulvi
  • Nycruti
  • Craside
  • FunkySanta
  • Saiyanteel
  • Maillent