Can the C-130 land on water?

Can the C-130 land on water?

The C-130J is an incredibly versatile aircraft, and since its creation, it’s landed on rough fields, in arctic locations and even an aircraft carrier Yet, it cannot land on water, which covers about 71% of the planet.

What does AC-130 stand for?

The gunship’s AC identifier stands for attack-cargo. The aircraft is powered by four turboprop engines and has a flight speed of 300 mph and a flight range of 1,300 miles, depending on weight. The AC-130 gunship’s primary missions are close air support, air interdiction and force protection.

What happened to the first C-130 planes?

The sturdy C-130 returned to base. In December 1968, F-4 Phantoms first escorted the gunship in an effort to protect it from ground fire. However, the first gunship was lost with two crewmembers May 24, 1969. One was killed when the gunship was hit and the other perished when the plane crashed at home base.

Is the AC-130 a good fire support aircraft?

The AC-130 is an excellent fire supportplatform with outstanding capabilities. Withits extremely accurate fire control system,the AC-130 can place 105mm, 40mm and25mm munitions on target with first roundaccuracy. The crew of these aircraft areextremely proficient working in militaryoperations in urban terrain [MOUT]

What is The wingspan of an AC-130?

AC-130A Spectre The A-model gunship was the first AC-130 model. The aircraft is 97 feet 9 inches long and 38 feet 3 inches tall. It has a wingspan of 132 feet 7 inches and a wing area of 1,745 sq. feet.

What is an AC-130 gun ship?

The AC-130 gun ship’s primary missions are close air support, air interdiction and armed reconnaissance. Other missions include perimeter and point defense, escort, landing, drop and extraction zone support, forward air control, limited command and control, and combat search and rescue.