Can I use a regular extension cord to start my snowblower?

Can I use a regular extension cord to start my snowblower?

An electric snowblower will have a power rating measured in amps (e.g. 12A). Your winter extension cord needs to be able to handle the rated amps of your snowblower. The numbers don’t need to match exactly, but generally, a 12-gauge cord 50′-100′ long will safely handle equipment using 10-15 amps of power.

Is a Poulan Pro Snowblower any good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Heavy duty and reliable. Overall great product. Only used it once so far.

Do you need a special cord for snowblower?

For snowblowers, you need an outdoor extension cord that will supply the power needed at the cord length required to clear all the surfaces in your yard. Most snowblowers require between 10 to 15 amps. In addition, the recommended extension cord for snowthrower requires the ability to be flexible in the winter.

Does an electric start snowblower have a battery?

An electric start blower allows the user to push a button to fire up the machine. It is charged via a battery, which plugs into a standard 120V outlet in the wall with the use of an extension cord. When the button is pushed it triggers the engine to fire, and has you working in no time.

What does electric start mean?

The electric start means that you can use an Extension cord that is Plugged into a wall and start it with electrical power instead of pulling the cord like you would with a lawnmower.

What gauge extension cord do I need for snowblower?

Rule of thumb: For MOST electric throwers, 12 Gauge will work up to 100 foot long cords. You can usually get away with 14 Gauge if you only need 50 feet of total distance. A 10 Gauge cord, while heavy and usually less flexible, will work up to 150 feet.

How does the Poulan Pro snowblower work?

The powerful ribbon augers break through snow and ice and propel it back into the impeller blades which then push the snow up and out the chute. The Poulan Pro engine is powerful, durable and designed to withstand harsh winter conditions.

Is the Poulan Pro pr624es a good snow thrower?

The Poulan Pro PR624ES Snow Thrower features an electric start, powerful engine, and 24-inch-wide coverage, making it ideal for snow removal on sidewalks and driveways. The PR624ES is well-suited for residential use in areas with light-to-moderate snowfall.

What kind of snow thrower does Poulan make?

Poulan Pro 208cc 24-inch electric start 2 Stage Snow Thrower PR624ES. Poulan Pro snow throwers are built like a tank and balanced for heavy snow. Easy out of the box set up (10 minutes), Long life and easy to service. Ergonomic handle and easy to use controls that have a single motion. High performance auger/impeller with a high velocity discharge.

Why choose Poulan Pro?

The Poulan Pro engine is powerful and durable, making the job easier. Powerful ribbon augers break through snow and ice. Console mounted chute easily directs the snow where you want. The Poulan and Poulan Pro lines of equipment are backed by a long heritage of innovation that began in 1944.