Can figure 8 puffers live in saltwater?

Can figure 8 puffers live in saltwater?

Figure 8 Puffer Habitat and Care They originate in the fresh waters of Southeast Asia, and although they tolerate brackish or even full saltwater, they may fare better in freshwater.

Is figure 8 puffer reef safe?

Figure 8 puffers are fully brackish fish. Yes they have been caught outside brackish waters in full salt or fresh, but records show they only venture their for a short time. The salinity they live in is 1.004-1.016 anything lower or higher for long and you will kill their kidneys.

Can you keep 2 figure 8 puffers together?

Most will get along with conspecifics and other smaller brackish tankmates, such as gobies and small species of mollies (I’ve seen figure 8 puffers bullied by sailfin mollies). If keeping multiple figure 8 puffers together, it would be best to start them out together as juveniles and let them grow up together.

How long can figure 8 puffers live in freshwater?

18 years old
If kept in fresh water, their immune systems are compromised, causing disease and early death for fish that can live into their late teens. The longest-lived figure 8 puffer kept in brackish water was documented at more than 18 years old!

How big of a tank do Pea Puffers need?

10 gallons
Pea Puffer: Care, Size, Food, Tank Mates & Tank Size

Common Name(s) Pea Puffer, Dwarf Puffer, Indian Dwarf Puffer
Origin Western India
Temperature 74-82°F (23-28°C)
Size 1.5 inches
Minimum Tank Size 10 gallons

Can Green spotted puffers live in saltwater?

Can green spotted puffers live in saltwater? While most puffers live in brackish water, some puffer owners keep their adult fish in full marine setups. Again, this is a change that should occur slowly over time, so the fish has a chance to become acclimated.

What to feed my figure 8 puffer fish?

Setting up a brackish tank. Figure 8 and green spotted puffers start spend a great deal of their natural lives in freshwater and many fish stores sell them as a

  • Cycling a brackish tank.
  • Including proper tank decorations for a puffer.
  • Acclimating your new Puffer.
  • Feeding the new Puffer.
  • What do figure 8 puffer fish eat?

    The meat-eating habits of all pufferfish are carnivores. The teeth of Figure 8 pufferfish allow them to crush hard shells to eat mollusks, krill, oysters, and other crustaceans. Fish eat hard-shelled foods to grind down their teeth, which never stop growing.

    How big do figure eight puffer get?

    It is known from the lower reaches of the Mekong (Cambodia), the Peninsular Malaysia as well as Borneo ( Sarawak, Kalimantan ). Figure 8 puffers grow to about 8 cm (3.1 in) long. They are colourful fish, with greenish yellow patterns on their backs.

    Can figure 8 puffer fish live in freshwater?

    There is a controversy on the best habitats that is suitable for figure 8 puffer fish. Figure 8 puffer fish may fare well in freshwater, but they can still tolerate brackish water or even the ocean. In captivity, it is best if you keep them in low-end brackish water or very hard freshwater.