Can a shop legally refuse a refund?

Can a shop legally refuse a refund?

If goods aren’t faulty, you CAN’T return them. Unless the shop’s ‘rules’ allow it, or it was bought online. Online is different, because the Distance Selling Regulations mean you can cancel goods within seven working days, even if you’ve merely changed your mind.

Can I return after 14 days?

You automatically get a 14-day ‘cooling-off period’ when you buy something you haven’t seen in person – unless it’s bespoke or made to measure. The cooling-off period starts the day after you receive your order, and there doesn’t need to be anything wrong with the item for you to get a refund.

Should I have to pay to return a faulty item?

The retailer is normally responsible for the cost of any returns (as specified in the Consumer Contracts Regulations), but this depends on the terms and conditions of the retailer. However, you are not expected to pay for postage when returning faulty products (as explained above).

Is there a right of return between Switzerland and the Netherlands?

The Netherlands page does not mention anything about right of return. The Switzerland page notes that second-and third-generation descendants of citizens of the Canton of Vaud can obtain citizenship more easily, but one of the requirements is that the person be between the ages of 18 and 24.

What are the rules for right of way in Switzerland?

Right-of-way rules differ from those in the United States. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, drivers entering intersections from the right have priority over those on the left, even when entering relatively large boulevards from small side streets. Turning right on red is illegal. Speeding fines vary between 20 and 300 Swiss Francs.

What are my rights as a refugee in Switzerland?

You hold a refugee’s or stateless person’s travel document issued by Switzerland, a passport for foreign nationals issued by Switzerland, a valid residence or permanent residence permit or an F-Permit. You have rights of free movement.

Is it illegal to turn right on red in Switzerland?

Turning right on red is illegal. Speeding fines vary between 20 and 300 Swiss Francs. If you exceed the speed limit significantly or engage in reckless driving the traffic violation can be referred to the public prosecutor. Public prosecutors commonly impose monetary deposit/bail on foreign visitors, which can be over 1,000 Swiss Francs.