Are the Sudbury Wolves still playing?

Are the Sudbury Wolves still playing?

The Sudbury Wolves currently play out of the Sudbury Community Arena located downtown Sudbury, Ontario. The arena, constructed in 1951, holds approximately 5,100 spectators (4,600 seats and 500 standing room) and has an ice size of 200′ x 85′.

How much are the Sudbury Wolves worth?

Mongeon wrote in his study that the Ottawa 67’s are the OHL’s most valuable team, worth $55.53 million….Ontario Hockey League Team Values.

RK OHL Team Value
7 Sudbury Wolves $10.08 M
8 Oshawa Generals $9.41 M
9 Barrie Colts $8.53 M
10 Niagara IceDogs $8.26 M

Who won the Sudbury Wolves game last night?

The Sudbury Wolves defeated the Eastern Conference leading Hamilton Bulldogs 4-3 in an OT thriller at the Sudbury Community Arena.

Where do the Sudbury Wolves play?

Greater Sudbury, CanadaSudbury Wolves / Location

How much does it cost to buy a junior hockey team?

Minor league and top-level junior hockey franchises range in value, starting at approximately $1 million and increasing to as much as $25 million or higher in some leagues and markets.

What is the name of our Big 5 cents situated at Dynamic Earth?

Big Nickel
Big Nickel Fast Facts: The Big Nickel is a replica of the 1951 Canadian five-cent coin, built in 1964 by local Sudburian Ted Szilva. Open to the public at no cost, visitors are invited to walk around the Big Nickel and explore the site of the Centennial Numismatic Park.

How old is the Sudbury Arena?

71Sudbury Community Arena / Age (c. 1951)

Who are the Sudbury Wolves?

The Sudbury Wolves are a Jr. Hockey team that plays in the Ontario Hockey League, a member of the Canadian Hockey league. The Sudbury Wolves have played their entire 46 season membership in the OHL in the Sudbury Community Arena, but the Wolves have been leading the hockey scene in the Sudbury region since the early 20 th century.

Who is New Sudbury Wolves captain Alex Pharand?

The Sudbury Wolves are pleased to announce that overage defenceman Liam Ross has been named the team’s new captain for the remainder of the 2021-22 season. Check out the first interview since Liam Ross was named the 46th Captain in Sudbury Wolves history. Get to know one of the newest members of the Pack and local boy Alex Pharand.

Who owns Spartan football Sudbury?

In 2014 team ownership changed to two dedicated volunteers, Bill Costello and Gord Goddard. In April 2017, Dario Zulich, owner of the Sudbury Wolves extended an offer to include Spartan Football, in the Wolves family and announced the ownership change.