Are Tamworth Castle grounds free?

Are Tamworth Castle grounds free?

The Castle Grounds are open 24/7 and free to enter. The bandstand is located at the top of the floral terraces, sitting beneath Tamworth Castle.

Is Tamworth fortress real?

Tamworth Castle, a Grade I listed building, is a Norman castle overlooking the mouth of the River Anker into the Tame in the town of Tamworth in Staffordshire, England. Before boundary changes in 1889, however, the castle was within the edge of Warwickshire while most of the town belonged to Staffordshire.

What is Tamworth Castle famous for?

Tamworth Castle is a major tourist attraction with the Shell Keep, along with the Great Hall, surviving intact. The castle’s bailey gatehouse is also visible (foundations only) along with a short stretch of curtain wall. The town’s Saxon defences were flattened in the first half of the twentieth century.

Can you walk around Tamworth Castle?

Very pretty around the castle, lot’s of lovely flowers on the walk around the Castle, we visited on a Monday & unfortunately the Castle is not open on Mondays. We still had a lovely walk around & the views are fabulous, over looking parkland & the river, very pretty, well worth a visit.

Is Tamworth Castle playground open?

Work to create a fantastic new £375,000 adventure playground in the heart of Tamworth’s Castle Grounds is now complete and welcoming children to explore and play. The new playground, which is free to use, has now been revealed and fully open, which includes equipment for youngsters aged three to 14.

What are castle grounds?

The Castle Grounds are the area in front of the Mushroom Castle in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. They are a hilly, grassy area with several small trees and a waterfall on the far left that pours into the castle’s moat.

Is Tamworth the capital of Mercia?

Tamworth has a rich and fascinating history as the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Mercia and some of that heritage can still be seen and explored to this day. The Anglo-Saxons came into Staffordshire in the late 6th century, as groups of settlers or tribes.

Can you get married at Tamworth Castle?

Wishing for magic, romance and intimacy, then Tamworth Castle offers the perfect ceremony setting for your special day. The Great Hall is simply stunning and is the ideal place to exchange your vows.

How long is Tamworth Castle?

The entire visit took me about one and a half hours and it was very well maintained and genuinely a real eye opener.

What are the rooms in a castle called?

The solar was a room in many English and French medieval manor houses, great houses and castles, mostly on an upper storey, designed as the family’s private living and sleeping quarters. Within castles they are often called the “Lords’ and Ladies’ Chamber” or the “Great Chamber”.

What are the pleasure grounds in Tamworth like?

Castle Grounds. Overlooked by Tamworth Castle, the Pleasure Grounds have beautiful floral terraces dropping down to the banks of the River Anker and open grassland – ideal for walks and picnics in the summer.

Are there any good skate parks in Tamworth?

Rackets are also available for a small deposit There is a state-of-the-art skate park in Tamworth Castle Grounds, which has been extremely well received by skateboarders, in-liners and BMX riders. The park is so good that British professional skaters have been sighted enjoying the park on numerous occasions.

Where is the bandstand at Tamworth Castle?

The bandstand is located at the top of the terracing under the Castle, which plays host in the summer to a series of free concerts, sponsored by Ankerside Shopping Centre. Combined with a visit to Tamworth Castle, the facilities in the grounds are excellent for families with an extensive adventure play area for children, a cafe,…

Is Tamworth a good holiday destination for families?

Combined with a visit to Tamworth Castle, the facilities in the grounds are excellent for families with an extensive adventure play area for children, a cafe, river walks and one of the highest standard public bowls greens in the Midlands.