Are Selkirk Rex cats affectionate?

Are Selkirk Rex cats affectionate?

The first Selkirk Rex cat owner named the breed after her stepfather, making it the only cat breed named after an individual. The Selkirk Rex is gentle and sociable. He is affectionate and likes to cuddle, making him a good choice for families with older children, other pets or frequent guests.

Are Selkirk Rex cats playful?

MEDIUM: They are playful but will sleep a lot, as most cats do. Their long legs require areas in which the cats can jump, bound and leap, so consider getting your Selkirk Rex a tower to stimulate their body and mind. You should keep your Selkirk Rex indoors.

Are Selkirk Rex cats soft?

The Selkirk Rex is a curly-haired love bug The Selkirk Rex’s distinctive curly coat makes it stand out among all other cat breeds. The coat is soft and plush, with a luxurious feel. In a litter of Selkirk Rex kittens, some will have curly hair and some will have straight hair.

How long do Selkirk Rex cats live?

Usually curly – they can be long-haired and curly, and short-haired and curly – but there are also occasionally straight-haired Selkirk Rex cats. Despite appearances, the coat doesn’t require too much grooming, which can cause the curl to drop out. Life span: A life expectancy of around 14 years is usual.

Where are Selkirk Rex from?

United StatesSelkirk Rex / Origin

Do Selkirk Rex kittens shed?

Regular combing also will keep your cat’s hair from accumulating all over the house, as the Selkirk Rex does shed moderately, particularly in the summer when shedding is at its peak. The Selkirk Rex cat is a healthy breed that remains active throughout her life, especially with routine maintenance.

How big do Selkirk Rex get?

Selkirk Rex

height 9–11 inches
weight 6–16 pounds
life span 15–20 years
good with children seniors dogs cats families
temperament sociable affectionate

How long do Selkirk cats live?