Are hot stampers worth it?

Are hot stampers worth it?

It is amazing and unlike anything I have ever heard before. Thanks for digging up another treasure. Pricey, yes, but worth it. The pleasure in listening to all the spell-binding audio quality.

Why do old records sound better than new records?

You can even find reissues that were created pre-70s which sound fantastic. A couple of reasons why original pressings sound so good from this period is because it was a golden age for record production and basically the only medium that people bought their records on.

Do records still sound better?

Does it sound better than an MP3? Absolutely – vinyl wins this one hands down. Vinyl fans will argue that as it is an end-to-end analogue format, from the recording and pressing to playback, that it more closely reproduces what the artist originally played in the studio. Digital music works much differently.

How long do record stampers last?

Pressing up to 10,000 copies This is called stamper wear and causes quality to deteriorate with each pressing. We expect HD Vinyl stampers to last for 10,000 copies since the chemical composition and smooth surface of ceramics allow the vinyl to seperate easily and residual-free.

What does OG mean in vinyl?

OG = original = first.

What happens to record stampers?

The accumulation of scratches, flaws, and other damage resulting from the tremendous mechanical stress a stamper is subjected to—100 tons of pressure during a production run—leads to a gradual loss of audio fidelity in the finished records.

What is Led Zeppelin 2 hot?

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II (LP, Album, “RL) Press Well “Hot Mix” Vinyl is high VG, some light marks but no tracking issues. Plays with some low surface noise but DOES NOT take away from the mix. SIDE 2 has light surface but does lessen as plays on.

What is a hot stamper?

“And when the record sounds really good, unusually good, sometimes as good as we’ve ever heard it, we call such a hot-sounding record a Hot Stamper LP.” — Better Records Web site. How much would you pay for a common classic rock record?

What is masterdisk vinyl?

Masterdisk is an audio mastering company based out of NY. The number is used to denote what batch the record has been pressed in.

Can you hot stamp vinyl?

Hot stamping can be done on many types of substrate including leather, cloth, vinyl, hard plastics, acrylic, as well as coated and uncoated substrates. Decorative hot stamping is a popular marking method because it is relatively easy to create vibrant marks on surfaces that can be difficult to mark in other ways.

Do record companies really want a cut of your gig Money?

These days, record companies not only want to sign you for record releases, they want a cut of everything – song-writing, merchandising and gig money, and anything else you do. To be honest I was surprised they didn’t do this before.

Are musicians being ripped off by managers?

After 25 years in the music business, I’ve probably seen it all when it comes to musicians being ripped off – by managers, labels, promoters, venues, websites and assorted other characters. I’ve also been ripped off myself a few times as well before I wised up to things.

Are there any good ripoff video games out there?

There are a lot of ripoff video games out there, some a lot better than others. Here are some that managed to be better than their inspiration. While imitation might be the highest form of flattery, sometimes artists and creators go a little too far with the inspiration they draw.

Do you sell the best sounding records in the world?

You indeed sell the best sounding records in the world. Stunning. Staggering. Impeccable sonic perfection. I’ve never heard anything like it. NEVER would I have thought a single record could make this kind of difference. No record I own ever did that. I had no idea it was even possible for this album to sound even remotely this good.