Are extension tubes any good for macro?

Are extension tubes any good for macro?

And then again, if you are just an occasional macro photographer, or if you don’t have the money to spend on a macro lens, extension tubes are a very good choice. These tubes are small, lightweight, and can be used with almost every lens, even a macro lens.

Does Sony make extension tubes?

Set of 2 extension tubes to enjoy macro photography with your standard lens. Kenko Extension Tube DG is an element without any optics. It’s purpose is to move lens further from the the image sensor.

Do you need extension tubes macro lens?

One way to enter the macro photography world without buying a macro lens is to use extension tubes. An extension tube is a hollow tube that you can mount between the camera and the lens.

Do extension tubes affect sharpness?

In addition, because the extension tube does cause your lens to focus more closely than it was designed to, this can cause decreased sharpness and image quality (not because it changes the optics but because it changes how you are using your lens).

Are extension tubes a cheaper alternative to macro lenses?

But these specialist lenses can cost a fair bit, and if macro photography is something you do just for the enjoyment, you probably don’t want to be paying hundreds of dollars for a lens you’ll only use occasionally. The good news is that there is a cheaper alternative: extension tubes.

Can I Turn my Loxia 85mm into a macro lens?

Nevertheless I like to take a close up shot from time to time so I decided to try out the Kenko and Fotodiox Pro extension tubes, to turn my Loxia 85mm 2.4 into a macro lens. The Kenko extension tubes feature some felt inside to increase resistance against internal reflections, the Fotodiox tubes are only painted black:

What lens for F22 macro photography?

Image taken at f22 using Sony 50mm lens with extension tubes. Image taken at f22 using Sony 90mm macro lens. Image taken at f22 using Sony 50mm lens with extension tubes. Image taken at f22 using Sony 90mm macro lens.

Are extension tubes good for close up photography?

However, using extension tubes means the lens loses its ability to focus at further distances. Extension tubes are, as I say, basically spacers and because they have no glass, they are relatively inexpensive, making them a good option for close-up work if you’re on a budget.