Are DCUO DLCS free?

Are DCUO DLCS free?

The team also tried opening all episodes to players with longer loot locks. These experiments have made the team realise that there are more positive aspects to players being able to access content than there are negatives. As such, all DLC episodes will be free for all players before Episode 41 is released.

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What is DCDC Universe Online?

DC Universe Online is a recreation of the DC universe for its followers all over the world. Create your superhero or villain and fight against your enemies DC comics are famous worldwide, because they have included over the years some of the most famous superheroes of all times (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash,…).

What should I know before playing DC Universe Online (DCUO)?

The first thing that any player has to do before playing DC Universe Online (DCUO) is to decide if his character is going to be based on a superhero or a villain, because the game includes a full range of characters from the comics that can be used as a starting point during the character creation process, including among others: