Are Blackbird Guitars good?

Are Blackbird Guitars good?

Are these good guitars to learn on? Absolutely. It’s a great guitar to learn on even though many folks that own a Blackbird are pros. Carbon durability means the guitar stays out of the case and enhanced portability means people on-the-go can play whenever and wherever.

What is a composite guitar?

Composite Acoustics has created a revolution in guitar design: driven by innovation, we have replaced traditional materials with carbon fiber — a man-made composite that is stronger, lighter and more consistent. Carbon fiber has been utilized in every application imaginable where strength and lightness are required.

Where are rainsong guitars made?

RainSong is an musical instrument manufacturer company, currently based in Woodinville, Washington, and originally based in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii….RainSong.

Type Private
Headquarters Woodinville, Washington , United States
Products Steel-string acoustic guitars

When did Peavey buy composite acoustics?

Acquired by Peavey in 2010, Composite Acoustics revolutionized the acoustic guitar market with the introduction of instruments totally built from composite materials featuring stunningly gorgeous weave soundboards.

What is Lyrachord?

The lyrachord is a type or fiberglass material that has been tweaked to have certain acoustical properties, Depending on the year of manufacturer it may also contain micro glass spheres.

Are RainSong guitars any good?

Just Really Really Good! RainSong acoustic guitars are pricey, but not because they are trying to be the environmentally friendly alternative to wooden guitars. The carbon fiber material offers incredible advantages in terms of sound, weight, and durability, making RainSong acoustics basically a guitar for life.

Does RainSong make a 12 string guitar?

The RainSong BI-WS3000 12-string acoustic-electric guitar is able to stay in tune at concert pitch and to withstand temperature and humidity variations; qualities that every seasoned 12-string player has long pined for.

Do RainSong guitars have truss rods?

Truss Rod Adjustment RainSong necks, made entirely out of composite materials, should not warp or bow over time. The original Classic Series neck does not have a truss rod. The N2 neck has a head-stock accessible truss rod to allow changes to the neck relief.